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I’ve posted this before but this gives me strength when I have none





Under no circumstances should she have graduated. Why did she? because she’s female.

And when she failed for the sixth time they tried to fire her… what happened?

FDNY Commissioner Salvatore Cassano gave Tapia another break after United Women Firefighters (UWF), a fraternal group of active and retired FDNY women, intervened to block her potential firing. They said she had an ­upper respiratory infection.

Get the fuck out. This is feminist “equality” in action. =)

What a bunch of.. If she can’t do her job correctly, she should be canned. ESPECIALLY since her ineptitude could get herself, her co-workers, OR civilians killed!

I really can’t believe this is happening.

It’s been like this in Canada for a while.

One of the required tests here to become a firefigther is you have to carry a 90lb sandbag out of a building on your shoulders. You know, approximate ‘people’ weight so that you can carry a potentially unconscious person out of a building.

Well I mean that’s one of the required tests for men. Women consistently failed to do that, so they removed it from their tests.

But they didn’t remove women from the positions on a fire brigade that would need that skill, just from the test.

I wonder how many people have died horrific deaths to build Feminists self esteem?

I wonder how many Feminists gave a fuck about those that did.

I don’t even have a joke here… Feminists just don’t care if people die so long as their ideology is preserved.

They’ll just tell themselves it has nothing to do with Feminism… or whatever denial based bullshit they need.